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May we introduce Rebecca Lucraft!!

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We thought that we needed to find someone truly creative and unique to add something special to our windows.

Selfridges Window- Apifera 2008

Selfridges Window – Apifera 2008

I came across the work of Rebecca Lucraft whilst doing some research and thought that she was just perfect, her background is Chelsea College of Art having studied textile design followed by mixed media textile at the Royal College of Art.

17_hadj_v2 17_close-up Royal College of Art show- Down at the Bottom of Bolly-Woods 2

Royal College of Art Show – Down at the Bottom of Bolly-Woods 2009

We asked Rebecca to make some masks and little skirts for our rather fabulous, part calico, part plaster cast mannequins, supplied by Universal Displays, which thankfully, she said yes to.


De Roemer Window – Masks and Skirts, Rebecca Lucraft 2013

You might be interested to have a look at the masks and skirts that Rebecca did for us along with some of the other stunning work that she has done.


De Roemer Mannequins Close up – Masks and Skirts, Rebecca Lucraft 2013

Ibizan Summer Break

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A little time out in Ibiza is always a joy and a great source of inspiration and fun!! Here are a few pictures of Ibizan life.

ImageIbiza Old Town

ImageYvonne Sporre in front of Jade Jagger Petal Mandala assisted by Tamsin De Roemer!

ImageLady JJ in her new studio in Ibiza Town


ImageSan Joan Sunday Hippy Market

ImageYvonne Sporre Shrine!

ImageYvonne wearing one of her own designs & Marie-Lucia

ImageYvonne S. Spring/Summer13 Villa Shop

Yvonne has a sale at her home in Ibiza every Thursday afternoon in the summer months. If you would like more details we would be happy to help. Get in touch!

HP Connected

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Being part of HP’s Influencers Advisory Board has many advantages and one of them is getting to see some fantastic musicians perform small and intimate concerts, through HP’s collaboration with Universal Music ‘Connected Music’ is the strap line. This week had the De Roemer A team heading off to Fabric to see Iggy Azalea. Great night. We love HP and we are excited about De Roemer’s upcoming collaboration with them.


Juergen Teller – Woo

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Woo Wee, we went to see!! And we weren’t disappointed…  We love Juergen Tellers raw style and I for one have been a fan of his work for years and we used to hang out a bit, loved his cute German accent and spiky dinosaur hair cut!  Check out the photo at the bottom of the page, woo wee, that’s me!!

IMG_1615Institute of Contemporary Arts


IMG_1594The Fox Reading Room Walls

IMG_1600Victoria Beckham

IMG_1595“Let’s Make Lots of Money!!!”

IMG_1601Day Dreaming…

IMG_1604Marc Jacobs

IMG_1605Lars Eidinger

IMG_1609Kate Moss

L1010957Tamsin De Roemer, Yvonne Sporre and Alexandra Marr
Hand, Dick Page – Makeup Artist
Photograph taken by Juergen Teller, Clothes by Koji Tatsuno

Valentine’s Day

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      Love Interest!?…

Whether you like it or not Valentine’s Day generally strikes a cord of some kind, maybe below the belt or deep in your big old heart.

as a Valentines treat we are offering, 50% off Cashmere when you buy a piece of Jewellery.

For Better or Worse..

“When he saw her, he was struck by the arrows of love. Nor could he save himself by shutting his eyes: For he was a young man of an enquiring and philosophical turn of mind. And so he was forced to examine the problem in greater detail of how the creator had come to make a figure like hers.”

Poems from Sankskrit

We thought that we would highlight some love stories and match them with some of our precious jewellery.brad and angelinaBrad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Moon Ring Black
De Roemer – Moon Ring with 3 Sapphires 18ct Yellow Gold

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, September 1967.Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

Diamond Roundel Black
De Roemer – Diamond Roundel Bracelet

Edward and mrs simpsonEdward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson

 Gold Necklace with Ruby clasp 1 black
De Roemer – Thick Snake Chain with Rubies

Dali and GalaDali & Gala

 Art Deco Black
De Roemer – White Diamond & Black Pearl Deco Earrings

John and YokoYoko Ono & John Lennon

De Roemer – Textured Gold Slim Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds

john and jackieJohn & Jackie Kennedy

 Wishing Wheel High Res Black
De Roemer – Wishing Wheel Diamond & Pearl Pendant

wedding pic
Justin Packshaw & Tamsin De Roemer

 Aquamarine Ring High Res Blk

De Roemer – Aquamarine & Diamond Princess Ring

In Fashion

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Whats happening in fashion now…


Lady Gaga, ever heard of her!?   Yes, so have we…  who influenced who, Gaga or Gaultier!?








                        Lady Gaga


         Jean Paul Gaultier

Have you noticed the new trend…?

La RouxLa Roux 

Check out La Roux and another catchy tune plus an extraordinary resemblance to a young Tilda Swinton!

Tilda Swinton


Ever seen ‘Orlando’, one of her earlier films?  We think it’s worth a view.






                                                                     Tilda Swinton

Our Top look of ‘Now’ is our very versatile as well as affordable luxury ‘Top’, Our Big Pleated Shoulder Top.

Big Pleated ShoulderBig Pleated Shoulder Top 

The other ‘Top News’ is that our new wonderfully accessible website will be up and running v.soon, plus a re-vamp, plus excitingly new LOW prices.  ‘Low’ by David Bowie was indeed a low point but we love ‘Aladdin Sane’ as a style reference, very ‘In Fashion Now’. 

 Winged SleeveBat Winged Sleeve

We think that ‘Wings’ will be the next big thing in fashion, check out our Bat Wing Sleeve Top…  Top that!

Plus our very own Tamsin de Roemer seen out and about this month from ‘Vogue’s Eye View’! 

Tamsin de Roemer

Rock Me

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Chinese Chrysanthemum Fossil StoneThe Warehouse

   Chrysanthemum Fossil Stone                       The Warehouse

We were magnetically drawn to a warehouse in Park Royal, London where we met up with the legendary Dale Rogers aka ‘Indiana’, famous fossil wrangler and large scale gemmologist!  Also in attendance was our friend the photographer Craig Lynn.

Craig Lynn, Tamsin de Roemer & Dale Rogers

Craig Lynn, Tamsin de Roemer & Dale Rogers standing infront of burgeoning sea beds of fossilised scallops!

Words can not describe the wonderment and power harnessed within the modest warehouse walls.

Giant crystals, gems and fossils towered over us and held us in awe.  Beautiful and extraordinary, crystals with millions of years of rainbow light held magically within.  Violet coloured amethyst crystals embraced inside perfect and enormous oval pods created by violent volcanic eruptions.

Fossilised Rock Crystal

                                      Fossilised Rock Crystal

Amythest Rock Crystals

                                     Amythest Rock Crystals

Giant Quartz Crystal

                                      Giant Quartz Crystal

Enormous Rock Crystals

                                    Enormous Rock Crystals

We were also surrounded by a forest of fossilised wood.  Some sliced, immaculate, scale and colour.  Some standing smooth, curvaceous, sensual and erect.

Thank you Dale for the private viewing, the first of this immaculate conception.  A humbling visit to Park Royal!