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Going for Gold

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This weekend Team GB won 9 Gold medals, with saturday being described as the most successful sporting day in British history! Everyone at De Roemer is feeling very proud to be British at the moment.

Be patriotic this week in red,white and blue heres a selection of our favourite De Roemer pieces.

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Congrats to all the Gold Winners this week!


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We have found some images, a couple of facts and some fashion to share with in the spirit of the olympics. Good Luck Team GB!!!

The Olympic RingsThe 5 olympic rings represent the 5 parts of the world which are now won over to olympism and willing to accept healthy competition!

Olympic Fashion

The Goddess Athena

Team GB

Controversially for the 1936 olympics Leni Riefenstahl was invited by Hitler to make the film ‘Olympia’, which was very successful and has been cited as a major influence in modern sports photography.