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Fashion Imitating Art

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‘Sometimes one might be forgiven for suspecting that there was a certain complicity in the world of fashion and not least than in the higher echelons of that great arena, is it something in the air, the water, perhaps in the general consciousness!? There is definitely a cross over this season between the worlds of art and fashion, not uncommon or that surprising on the whole but there was a definite movement on the runways this season.  ‘Transformative!’, Jeff Koons was heard to say at the Stella McCartney show.

Chanel Chanel


 Look at Karl Largerfield for Chanel and his hugely heavy nod in that direction, he certainly went to town with his references and filled the Grand Palais with ‘art pieces’ that he conceived himself, not unlike Jeff Koons!  Ahemmm…  Phoebe Philo for Celine showed that she too liked a bold stroke when it comes to art and included artistic prints in various colours and styles with a very chic effect.



Artistic collaboration is nothing new to Maia Norman of Mother of Pearl, this season she combined forces with Mat Collishaw but has in the past worked with various other artists.  Not surprisingly perhaps considering her long term relationship with Damien Hirst.  I for one am quite sure that she would have been a huge inspiration to him!

What fun and good to see Grayson Perry, already a fashion darling as well as an excellent artist, promoting and commenting on what is ‘Modern Art’ in his highly acclaimed Rieth lectures, really worth a listen, I think he has a great command of modernism; life imitating art or art imitating life?’


My personal favourite showing in Paris this season was Valentino, beautiful, gorgeously elegant, chic and dare I say it, painterly!




HP Connected

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Being part of HP’s Influencers Advisory Board has many advantages and one of them is getting to see some fantastic musicians perform small and intimate concerts, through HP’s collaboration with Universal Music ‘Connected Music’ is the strap line. This week had the De Roemer A team heading off to Fabric to see Iggy Azalea. Great night. We love HP and we are excited about De Roemer’s upcoming collaboration with them.


Hocus Pocus

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Happy Halloween my little fashion Howlers….

We found some pretty cool fashion spooks. Plus a few pics of our own showing off a few of our very own designs. Hope you like them!

Denise Grünstein……ssssspooky

De Roemer T-Shaped Ribbed Jumper, £325.00 Fairy State Necklace, £970.00
Shiva Eye Necklace, £895.00

Hand painted……divine

 De Roemer Rib Sleeve Detail Jumper in Two Tone, £325.00


Tim Walker’s Magical Fashion

De Roemer T-Shaped Ribbed Jumper, £325.00 Horse Shoe Bracelet, £3,750.00
Citrine and Pearl Ring, £5,870.00 Necklace with Charms, £2,995.00
“Dreaming of Another World” featuring Guinevere van Seenus photographed by Tim Walker

De Roemer T-Shaped Ribbed Jumper, £325.00 Necklace with Charms, £2,995.00
“Fawnicate” featuring Guinevere van Seenus by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott