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Soneva Fushi in the Glorious Maldives

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We were lucky enough to spend some of our Christmas holidays in the Maldives at the most amazing Soneva Fushi Resort, truly the most impressive hotel we have ever stayed at.  They follow a SLOW LIFE philosophy which permeates everywhere you look on the resort and they take environmental issues and responsibilities very seriously.  Something very close to our hearts at De Roemer.

photo 8

Dinner on the amazing Sand Bank opposite Soneva Fushi

photo 9

“What fun”, the only form of transport on the island!

Whilst we were there we overlapped with some very interesting guests.   Justin was delighted to meet Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon and to dive on the beautiful coral reef with him more than once! Buzz at the grand age of 83 was diving twice a day! We were very impressed.

photo 7

Michael Stipe taking a picture of some of ‘The Gathering’ including Tilda Swinton, Sonu and Eva

photo 4

Group photo of ‘The Gathering’ on the Sand Bank

There was also a rather arty group of about 15, the ‘Gathering’ as they became known.  Artists, musicians, directors, creatives and actors.  Tilda Swinton and her man, artist, Sandro Kopp were amongst them along with Michael Stipe of REM fame, to name just 3.  All terribly nice and keen to make a difference to the world as a collective and as individuals.  Known voices can travel quite a distance so we hope that their influence can have some sort of impact on our environmental issues.

photo 5

Justin and Wolf at the Sand Bank dinner

photo 3

Ambient lighting on the Sand Bank

photo 2

Eva and Sonu receiving his De Roemer cashmere!

It was so lovely to spend time with Sonu and Eva, the visionaries and owners of Soneva.  They really are wonderful people and they care so much about everything and all the small details as well as being hugely loved by all their staff, family and friends.

photo 1

Tamsin and Lula thoroughly approving…


My favourite spot in all the world!

What a truly beautiful island and how fabulous to be able to spend some time on it, we would like to go again and again and again….

Guest Blog by Yasmin Mills: My scrumptious Stuart’s dinner for De Roemer

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As the winter nights are gradually approaching I decided it was time to make use of my small outside space before it becomes too chilly.

Stuart’s transformed the small deck outside my house into a stunning dinning area complete with gorgeous autumnal floral displays and twinkling lanterns.

The bespoke canopy, created by 10 x 15 Tent Co to shield the setting from any downpours, made the whole area cosy and created an inside out space that flowed into the house. This left plenty of space for people to mingle in my humbly sized living room!

I have been to many lavish parities beautifully created and catered by Stuart’s in Sussex over the years but on this occasion they proved that they can make a small urban space work just as well as a sprawling house with acres of land on which to build a marquee!

Stuart girl

My lovely guests such as De Roemer director Justin Packshaw, Melissa Odabash, Lauren Kemp, Amanda Wakeley and David Thomas chose from an array of mouthwatering dishes such as minted halloumi, chestnut mushroom & bell pepper kebabs, saffron spiced lamb skewers with mint and cumin yoghurt and a three beetroot salad with creamy bur rata, sherry vinegar, mint & basil. Add some gorgeous fine wines from the Bordeaux Index and the aroma from the sizzling barbecue that filled the air, making my neighbours hungry and the scene was set.

Melissa Odabash and Amanda Wakeley


The elegant and delicious dinner created by Stuarts complimented the very desirable De Roemer sumptuous cashmere and stunning unique jewellery perfectly. I was flying the flag, of course, wearing my favourite De Roemer gold flecked cream cashmere jumper.

Manuele Malenotti

Manuele Malenotti

I love putting friends together. So it was a joy to spend the rest of the evening introducing people to each other who I was sure had plenty in common. Charming Italian Manuele Malenotti who owns motorbike fashion brand Matchless was enwrapped by modern day Indiana Jones Justin’s upcoming adventures. While photographer Kate Martin fell in love with the cashmere offering to shoot the next De Roemer campaign/brochure with my daughter Lauren modelling and me discussing organising an event for Amanda Wakeley…Nothing like keeping it in the family!

Me (Yasmin) and Lauren Kemp

Yasmin and Lauren

All went home happy with a parting gift of a beautiful De Roemer bracelet and a generous gift voucher for any of the boys who don’t do jewellery.

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For mouthwatering catering with excellent service go to and for fabulous outdoor event structures www.10×

food pic

Wonderful fine wines can be found at

Christmas comes, but once a year!!

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It’s that time again,

It might be cold and wintery here in London but fear not there is light, blue and fun just around the corner……. well maybe a plane ride away!

We thought that some winter sun & sea might cheer you and give you some ideas about what jewellery to wear

with those stunning bikini’s and beach wear… we just love a bit of winter sunshine…Hallelujah!

blog 2Shot By Simon Lekias for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

black background 2De Roemer Emerald Whisper Necklace -£1995

blog 3Shot By Simon Lekias for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

De Roemer Chrysoprase Tear Drop Necklace – £885

blog 5Shot By Eduardo Rezende for Elle Brazil

black background 4
De Roemer Ivy Necklace – £685

blog 4
Shot by Eduardo Rezende for Elle Brazil

black background 3
De Roemer Ivy Bracelet – £375

blog 1Shot By Simon Lekias for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

de Roemer

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Loving de Roemer is about giving great style with fine quality and beauty. Beauty in cashmere, beauty in leather and beauty in jewellery.


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