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Walpole CEO Dinner

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , , , on April 6, 2009 by deroemer

British PullmanLast week we were invited to the Walpole CEO dinner, hosted by Sir David Bell, chairman of the Financial Times and Walpole CEO Julia Carrick who is also publisher of the Financial Time’s ‘How To Spend It’ magazine. Walpole, is a members group of more then 100 of Britain’s most prestigious brands. It provides forums, networking events and seminars, which are designed to empower the members. It is also committed to supporting the industries new talents of which we were recognised as one and awarded the title ‘British Luxury Brand of Tomorrow 2008’. A real honour and we are delighted with the recognition that it brings to the brand.

It was a fantastic evening, generously provided by Nick Varian Vice President 0f the Orient Express Group which involved dinner on the Pullman train, leaving from platform 2 of Victoria station!!

The Welsh OperaWe started the evening with a champagne reception at the Goring Hotel in Victoria with an introduction by Julia and Nick Varian who described what we might expect from the evening on his celebrated train. Sir David Bell then introduced an illuminating speech by Gillian Tett, financial journalist to the Financial Times and just honoured with the title ‘Journalist of the Year’. A talk which generally indicated that there were no predictors as to when the down turn will culminate and a suggestion that financial services will need to return to traditional values if trust is to return to the markets.

We then embarked on a three hour journey which returned us to Victoria. We ate and ate and drank and drank. Six courses offering gourmet fare and fine wines at every course. Meanwhile we were serenaded by singers and musicians of the Welsh National Opera! We met a lot of like minded, industry colleagues and had a lot of fun as well. A real treat in these odd times and rather indulgent but hopefully deserved!

Charlotte Keesing, Walpole & Julien Diment, CEO Dunhill

Tamsin de Roemer