Norman Parkinson, Grace Coddington and the World of Fashion!!

‘Inspired by a recent exhibition of his photographs, we thought that you might enjoy a little reminder of some of the work by the great man himself, Norman Parkinson.


Jean Patchett by Norman Parkinson


Jean Patchett by Norman Parkinson


Carmen Dell’Orefice by Norman Parkinson


Carmen dell’Orefice with Norman Parkinson

I am reading Grace Coddington’s biography at the moment,,  a lady of some substance within the fashion world.  She herself was a Parkinson model and has many fond memories of the work that they did together, initially as a model and subsequently as a Vogue stylist and creative director.  The book is a great insight into the small world of fashion and is especially enjoyable, when like myself, you have played some part in it!

We are following Parkinson’s photography with a modern master, David Sims by following a similar mood in colour, texture and shape, unsurprisingly the story shot by Sims is styled by the great lady herself Grace Coddington!’




Model: Raquel Zimmerman, shot by David Sims,
Styled by Grace Coddington

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