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Summer silk, stones and frostbite

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Hello there….yes, I know. Why has it taken so long to let you know WHAT’S GOING ON? Well… life at De Roemer has been varied to say the least. We have really been enjoying our NEW SHOP and the people and diversity that it brings. As well as a few PARTIES!! We have had a few new yummy deliveries of predominately the silk/cashmere summer weights and styles. So it’s worth coming to have a look!!.. Lots of inspiration on the jewellery and some wonderful coloured stones coming our way.

ROMANCE, with a fabulous royal wedding to inspire us to revel even more than we have been already. Any excuse will do, no; seriously we are delighted and happy for William and Kate and wish them a long and happy life together.

On the other hand we have had our most NOBLE and most LOVED director and my beloved husband absent WITH leave for 2 whole months to climb EVEREST of ALL things. The great Goddess Chomulungma opened her arms, embraced him, allowed him to summit and come down alive!! He didn’t come out of it without a few bruises, a bit of frost bite on 2 fingers, a numb foot and blackened toe nails. She is certainly no pushover!! Thank goodness he made it back home in one piece. Do go to and check out the last few blogs for the dramatic series of events that was their adventure, it really was quite worrying.

The Ice Queen

So I suppose we must bow our heads to The Ice Queen and show you some images from NEPAL and TIBET, an extraordinary part of the world. It is the highest land mass in the world with the highest mountain, 29,029ft or 8,848mt high which is over 5 miles!!

The North face of 8,848mt high Everest

Justin gets some much needed fluid on board

Close to the summit of a very technical and demanding climb

Nepal was the first destination for our intrepid explorer, a lovely gentle place with gorgeous people as you can see by the pics, from there the team travelled to Tibet, the north side of Everest, as this was the side that they were to climb.

Nepalise costume

Manaslu Gurung girl

Nepalise priest

The Tibetans have a strong spiritual connection with turquoise and coral which have been mined in the Himalayas for centuries. They also use Conch shells as ceremonial horns. It is extraordinary, one would normally associate these glorious objects with life at sea level not with life on the roof of the world!

Tibetan Girl

The Turquoise represents wisdom and spiritual growth and is most revered in its most naturalistic forms. It is also the colour of the sky which is our higher plain. Coral to them represents success and is the colour of passion, a gift from Mother Ocean to remind us of our eternal foundation.

I for one am an ocean worshipper, swimming and snorkelling in the seas and oceans that we have I cherish above all else. Hence my state of HEAVEN in Ibiza.

After the stress of my dearest darling husband being at the highest point on EARTH and climbing the highest mountain I run for the SEA, that’s me!!

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous….That’s Life!!