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Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2011 by deroemer

You might have noticed that we haven’t been blogging for sometime now… so terribly sorry but we have been so so terribly busy!!  It sounds grand but we really have and all for a BRILLIANT cause though as we now have a BRAND NEW fabulous and glamorous SHOP and HQ in London.  We love our new location which is affectionately know as THE CONNAUGHT VILLAGE, moments from Marble Arch and not far from Paddington.  We are also opposite one our favourite places, Cocomaya which has the most deliciously divine chocolates of any where else I know at the moment and actually beats Charbonal & Walker which used to be my personal favourite.  In fact we are close to several gorgeous shops another being Viola, a top boutique owned by the fun, stylish and effervescent Sara who used to be the top girl at The Cross.  We also have as neighbour’s uber cool Clarke and Reilly, a husband and wife team who sell sublime and quirky furniture.

Back to us, DE ROEMER has a brand new flagship store!!!  Too exciting, we are dying for you to come and visit so that we can show it off and offer you some hospitality and a place to head for when you are in town.  We are also so dying to show you ALL of our fabulous things in a setting that we think you will enjoy.

We have lots of gorgeous new products created just for the shop with lots more still to come.

We had a super lovely party to celebrate and if you weren’t there we are so sorry that you couldn’t make it.  It was a very cold and frosty night and it was a grand effort by the fabulous crowd that did show…….