So sorry no news for quite some time BUT we have been BUSY…!

GREAT, great news…We are opening a shop!  After a long search we have finally found what we were looking for and exactly the right place for us. Our ideal first shop, we are SO excited.

It will be in Connaught Village, London W2 and we are opening in October 2010. Don’t worry we will keep you posted as to the exact date.

Meanwhile, we have some gorgeous Summer Breeze styles with the promise of a long Hot Summer ahead.

De Roemer PETAL COLLAR DRESS  made from silk, cotton and a small amount of cashmere. The hemline is petal shaped and has a subtle split at the front. Devinely soft and a great weight for long summer days and nights!

De Roemer PETAL COLLAR T-SHIRT made from silk, cotton and small amount of cashmere. Just like the sister dress it’s devinely comfortable and perfect for summer. Perfect to wear with shorts, jeans or a skirt.

One Response to “WE ARE OPENING A SHOP!”

  1. Hi Justin, Tim Here (ex On-Line!). Hope your shop is going well, looks great! Might come and have a look sometime soon!

    Thought it was about time I made contact, just to ‘catch up’. If you would like to contact me you can get me at tim.davis.1922@gmail.com.

    If you want to know what I’v been up-to go to ‘thesuninnbruton.co.uk’, just a sample! Also publishing an on-line local publication, ‘the-rant.biz’

    Take care, Tim

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