Khaki in Fashion

Impressed by the wild beauty and peace at the riverside on our recent trip to Scotland… I have to add also much hilarity!! We thought we would share a couple of pictures of the trip.

Robbie Douglas-Miller
Robbie Douglas-Miller wearing de Roemer Cashmere. The first and only catch of the week caught by Justin Packshaw.

From left: Lula Packshaw, Taullaha Douglas-Miller, Tom Carr, Archie Douglas-Miller, Honor Douglas-Miller, Tamsin de Roemer, Cressie Douglas-Miller, Justin Packshaw, Matthaw Carr, Nicky Bromley-Davenport, Robbie Douglas-Miller

The fishing party!

Plus a khaki inspired fashion comment and a picture that should enlighten us all to the enthrallingly exceptional beauty derived from nature. Isn’t he one of the most beautiful little people that you have ever seen?

Natural Fashion

Natural Fashion

Khaki is a great colour choice because of its versatility and obvious benefits when blending with nature. It is also so easy to work into your wardrobe. Khaki is such a neutral colour and looks great in so many styles and you can always find a piece to fit your own personal taste. You can’t go wrong!

Derek Lam Shirt Dressde Roemer Cashmere









         Derek Lam Shirt Dress                        de Roemer Cashmere

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